settembre 25, 2011

Al peggio non c’è mai fine

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Walter Russel Mead risponde con ironia storica alle preoccupazioni di Andrew Sullivan.

«And so I say it again to all my many friends on the secular and religious left: relax. The Christianists aren’t coming to lock you up in camps. George W. Bush was the first president to choose a vice presidential running mate with an openly lesbian daughter; the dark night of fascism isn’t preparing to fall. The Left likely must resign itself to a long term trend of less compulsory social solidarity and more individual economic freedom; the right must accept that individuals in our society can only be compelled by their own consciences on an ever growing list of social and cultural issues. No one will be completely happy about the state of this society; Americans have been lamenting the downsides of American individualism for almost as long as we’ve been becoming more individualistic. And the less we can rely on external forces (laws and mores with as much binding power as law) to govern our behavior the more we as a people must learn to manage our liberty wisely».

Intanto l’ultimo sondaggio della Gallup rivela un dato significativo: per gli americani Bush non è stato il male assoluto e la famosa discontinuità di Obama è rimasta sulla carta.